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The Beaverland Must-skis Water Ski Show Team is always looking for new members (both skiing and non-skiing types). The following are some of the more frequently asked questions:

Do I have to Know How to Ski?
No. If you want to learn, we will teach you. If you want to join, but do not wish to ski, we rely heavily on our non-skiing members to support the team with boat driving, spotting, sound system operation, costumes, announcing, dock hands, concessions, etc. There's always a way to be involved!

How Often does the Team Ski?
We have a scheduled practice every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 6pm until sunset. We then perform our show most Sunday evenings (see show schedule page for more details). We sometimes have extra shows and tournaments... we love to ski for our fans!

Are there any other requirements?
The Must-skis Team is a non-profit, voluntary organization and relies on our members to perform many vital tasks throughout the year. We require each member to volunteer 20 hours to support the team for fund raising events, maintenance tasks and other activities.

What is the Cost to Join?
The annual cost for membership consists of *Must-Ski Team dues, **USA Water Ski Membership dues and ***Wisconsin Waterski Federation dues. (WWSF and USA Water Ski membership is required and includes insurance).

*Team Dues: $120 for a Skiing Member or $25 for a Non-Skiing Member, $300 for a Family Skiing Membership.

**USA Water Ski Membership: $80 Individual Active (25 and Older); $50 Under 25 Active; $35 Individual Supporting; $145 Family Active. Rates are subject to change and other rates may apply. For a rate chart, please see more USA Water Ski information here.

***Wisconsin Waterski Federation membership: $15.00 for active Individual, $30.00 for active Family (bundle). Rates are subject to change and other rates may apply. For a rate chart, please see more Wisconsin Waterski Federation information here.

Great... So How do I Become a Member?
Print and complete the 2013 Must-ski Code of Honor , Registration and Waiver and appropriate Adult and/or Minor release of liability forms (PDF format) and bring with your registration check (payable to Beaverland Must-Skis) and USA Water Ski Membership and Wisconsin Waterski Federation proof of registration to a Must-Skis practice or show.

Contact our Membership Liaison, Carin Reynen, at or via telephone at 608-228-2668 with any registration questions.

I'm Not Sure... I Still have More Questions... Who can I Call?
Please contact our Team President, Erich Zellmer, at 608-695-7180 or via e-mail at

Listed below are all the 2013 forms you will need to become a member or to renew your membership.

Please also note, as in previous years, you must be current on your USA Water Ski membership in order to participate in any practice or shows. Many skier’s renewal dates for these orginizations come in May and June so please make sure to check this. You will also need to renew your membership to WWSF for the year. Your Beaverland Must-Ski membership must be paid in full prior to hitting the water. 

New this year is the Guardian 2013 Appointment letter. This is only as needed if parents want to leave any child under the age of 18 at practice with someone other than themselves.

Membership Questions and Answers (.pdf) | Must-Skis 2013 Registration and Waiver forms (.pdf) | Must-Skis 2013 Code of Honor (.pdf)
Participant 2013 Release of Liability - Adult
(.pdf) | Participant 2013 Release of Liability - Minor (.pdf) | Guardian 2013 Appointment Letter (.pdf)

Some forms may require you to use Adobe Acrobat reader.
Click below to download your free copy.

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