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(1) 2004 Yamaha 20" Counter Rotational Gearcase. Also included is a driveshaft to convert it back to a 25" Gearcase. 25" Shift Shaft not included. $500 OBO

More information on the Gear Case:
This gearcase will fit Yamaha 150 4-Strokes. It is one of a kind. The gearcase started as a 25" Shaft.... the drive shaft was changed and the Shift Shaft was cut and modified to fit a 20" motor. It can be easily converted back to a 25" case with reinstallation of the original driveshaft (included) and installation of a new shift shaft (not included.). There is one small gouge in the paint and side of the bullet on the left side. Some other paint scratches on both sides of the skeg.

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